Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~ Littoral ~

everything that’s washed ashore

becomes fit fodder, just fine to build

the frozen flame

the retroflective face

when passions run deeper than grace

sometimes a tale told

in the dawn tide of a single truth

or such a torrent down

in a single tear

when wanting runs hotter than fear

everything that’s lost before

like past prescriptions newly filled

a test of will

but habit is denser

so fine a new foil still can fail the fencer

sometimes elemental powers

prescribe a pace in the force of nature

not fail to notice

bow down a greeting

and none of this escapes our meeting

every single sometimes lovely thing

become, remain—drop from decay

into the final frame

to blossom now with multifoliate blame

stride forth from shadow, animate in flame

James Oliver Wright © 2011